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      was founded in 2003, is a well-known manufacturer in the security industry. RONGTAI’s modern facilities covering an area more than 15000 square meters, including entertainment site, canteens and dorms, workshop and office. RONGTAI’s main solutions include Villa Intercom Systems, Multi apartments Intercom Systems, Wireless Intercom Systems, Smart Home Automation Systems and Access Control Systems.

      With average 10+ years experienced R&D engineers, RONGTAI now offers 200+ models and 13 solutions for your selection and launches at least 10 new models and 2 new solutions every year to keep up with market trendsUtilizing SAMSUNG high-speed and precision SMT and soldering machines, RONGTAI produces over 50000 Video Door Phone and 30000 Access Controls monthly, and is dedicated to supply full range of Door Phone systems and Access Control products to worldwide customers. For quality assurance, RONGTAI executes 6 steps QC procedure according to ISO9001:2015, RONGTAI products are accordance to CE, FCC and RoHS standards. In the testing lab, it has High & Low Temperature Testing Chamber, Salt Spray Testing Chamber, Transportation Simulation Vibration Testing Machine and Drop Testing Machines. Each order from raw materials to finish units is examined by various professional testing equipments.

      Now RONGTAI is serving 600+ clients from 110+ countries or regions all over the world. Including Germany, France, UK, US, Australia, etc. Many branded security companies have cooperation with RONGTAI. With 10 professional English speaking regional sales managers, RONGTAI welcomes customized ODM and OEM orders and is ready to meet all your requirements.